UV printing


UV Printing is a process that latest and advanced technology of digital multi colors printing on flat or roll to roll media. UV printing can be widely used to make rigid material like acrylic, wood; tile etc. which can print directly without any transfer. UV printing is one of the indoor and outdoor printing solution with its durability with 4 to 5 years without color fading, yellowing or bump cracking, and UV print durability can be more than 10 years around for indoor environment and normal climate place.

UV print basically used to a commercial printing process which uses high quality ultraviolet curing light and lamp with high tech equipment. UV printing also know ultraviolet Printing, the UV Printing process involves special inks that have been formulated to dry quickly when expose UV light on printing area that means as soon as its get printed and head moving the moment ink get dried.

  • Flat bed UV printing
  • Small bed UV printing
  • Roll to roll UV printing

What are the procedures to get UV printing in Dubai, Sharjah UAE?

Our high quality UV printing machinery which can print on so many types of material like paper, PVC, plastic, stainless steel, acrylic, metal, wood, canvas, foam board, wooden, leather, garments textile, slate, glass, UPVC sheets, driftwood, bamboo, tile, granite, coated material and MDF etc.. in adition by using a right primer we can print many other stuffs too.

  • Direct printing on surface
  • Immediate curing and ink get dry
  • Durable ink up to 5 years outdoor and more than 10 years for outdoor
  • Flat sheet and roll can be printed

How useful UV printing in UAE?

UV printing is one of most efficient to today market and all signage industry. Fundamentally, our UV printing machine sets flatbed and roll to roll technology where extremely useful in UV curing tools. Our state of the art technology of UV printer will allow us to print directly into surface like acrylic, metal, wood, pvc martial with high speed and unbelievable quality with highest industry standards for environmentally safe ink in our every single step of printing processes. Our uv printer produce amazing quality and low cost and fast delivery in UAE for all your requirements.

For what purpose we may choose UV printing?

  • Rigid material like acrylic, metal, tile, granite, glass, wood etc..
  • Gift and promotional items can be directly printed with multi colors logo or image
  • Cup, bottle, promotional pen, pvc cards etc…
  • Leather, box, ceramic plate etc..
  • Corporate give away products
  • Canvas, carpet, scarf, flag etc..
  • Indoor and outdoor signage purpose
  • Building glass branding and graphics

What is the UV printing machine bed size?

  • We have small bed UV printer is bed size available as 12” x 11” and 10” x 14” small bed which used to print corporate gift, promotional stuffs, small plate and objects etc..
  • We have large format or large bed which is 2.4 meter x 1.6 meter size with 8 colors printing facility

How long will take to finish UV printing in Sharjah, Dubai, abudhabi?

UV printing is possible to get printed within 10 minutes for small production and its totally depends on how production and quantity required. W produce UV printing CMYK plus white base also we can make within day delivery too.

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