Sublimation lanyard

Lanyard Sublimation printing is a modern technique of multi colors lanyard printing idea which gives edge to edge full solid printing. A sublimation lanyard is the transition of a substance directly from the printed paper, without passing through the liquid or direct ink printing. Lanyard Sublimation is an perfect process that occurs at temperatures and pressures by producing high heat pressing. Further when heated plate press on printed paper the printed impression automatically transferred on satin lanyards with high quality print impression and its washable too. there is lanyard reverse process of sublimation is deposition of dye sublimation, in which a substance passes directly from a gas to a solid phase to get 3D sublimation printing.

What are the usages of sublimated lanyard?

Sublimation lanyard is a latest trend of printing method with multi colors printing on satin cloth of lanyards which can be used in any industry like:

  • school, college and university student they carry their ID with sublimation lanyard
  • all companies, hotel, real estate agency choose sublimation lanyard to attach ID badge
  • using sublimation lanyards for event and exhibition pass carry purpose
  • government official using to show their identity

How to get sublimation lanyard in UAE?

We provide complete range of lanyard sublimation work bulk and small quantity lanyards possible to print with multi colors over edge to edge full patch colors with high depth of jet black and other solid colors printing on it. If you have one color multi colors logo, full patch colors then sublimation process is best solution for your lanyard printing requirements. Kindly follow few steps to finish your lanyards sublimation at your company:

  • call our agent using hotline and our executive will get all details of your lanyard sublimation requirements and we make best quote within 10 minuets
  • our design team make proofing for your lanyard sublimation in order avoid mistakes
  • our production team will make actual physical sample as final proofing to see how sublimated lanyards looks
  • we start production process soon we get approval and arrange delivery as we committed

What kind of sublimation lanyards variety available in UAE too pick nice one?

There are wide range of custom sublimation lanayrds with various accessories in plastic, metal and brass coated accessories can be fixed. As we make total manufacturing you can choose any type, size and quality as you wish such as:

  • sublimation lanyard can be with dog hook, silver nickel or plated clip
  • oval clip available fix on custom sublimation lanyard
  • crocodile clip on edge of sublimation lanyard
  • plastic break away, buckle, neck lace sublimation lanyard
  • reel badge attached and medal attached sublimation lanyard can be made
  • custom sublimation lanyard come with id card holder, id lace and mobile holder as well

How soon we get sublimation lanyard printing in UAE?

  • same day service available for lanyard sublimation printing
  • our fine quality sublimation lanyard can be printed within 24 hours even bulk order
  • get express delivery for custom sublimation lanyard within 30  minutes at our factory

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