Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Question: what is lanyard?

Answer: Lanyard is a neck holding lace or string to hold id cards

Question: where to print custom lanyards in Dubai?

Answer: We are one of the Dubai Largest custom lanyard printing companies

Question: Do you have lanyard sublimation printing?

Answer: Yes, we do all types of dye sublimation particularly lanyard sublimation works as well

Question: How much does it cost to make Lanyard in UAE?

Answer: In UAE lanyard printing is in expensive, we offer all types of lanyard printing at low price

Question: do you have any MOQ for lanyard production in Sharjah?

Answer: our Sharjah lanyard factory well equipped and capable to do all small or bulk order lanyards printing and manufacturing with MOQ of 100 pcs

Question: what is lanyard silk screen printing in Sharjah?

Answer: silk screen printing on lanyard is traditional way of printing where screen exposed and fixed through aluminium frame and ink passed through mesh to lanyard cloth

Question: do you have different sizes lanyard in UAE?

Answer: Yes, in UAE, we supply all types of 1.5 cm, 2 cm and 2.5 m sizes lanyard printing

Question: how much standard lanyard thickness in Dubai?

Answer: Standard satin, polyester lanyard 1 mm thickness used in Dubai

Question: what types of accessories comes in your Lanyard?

Answer: we offer custom lanyard with various types of hooks, safety clip, buckle, release button, metal crimp, crocodile clip, bull dog clip etc…

Question: can you design on lanyard with multi colours image and text?

Answer: Yes, we do free design lay out with multi colours image, text and graphics

Question: do you make free Mock up and sample for lanyard?

Answer: Yes, we provide free mock up and sample for your approval upon job booking

Question: do you accept bulk lanyard printing?

Answer: Yes, our state-of-the-art quality lanyard printing machinery able to produce bulk order within limited timeline delivery too.

Question: do you make lanyard free delivery all over?

Answer: Yes, we do free delivery all over UAE with MOQ order

Question: Do you make urgent lanyard printing in dubai?

Answer: Yes, we do all types of custom lanyard within hour services and within day services available in our factory

Question: do you provide lanyard printing factory price in UAE?

Answer: Yes, our lanyard printing services at factory price in UAE

Question: do you have lanyard making, manufacturing factory in UAE?

Answer: Yes, we manufacture, printing lanyard in our own factory which is huge capacity production line in UAE.

Question: your UAE largest lanyard manufacturer and printer?

Answer: Yes, we are UAE largest lanyard printing and manufacturing company situated in Dubai and Sharjah

Question: do you export lanyard from UAE?

Answer: Yes, we manufacture, print lanyard locally in UAE and export to Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, KSA, Kuwait, Europe and Africa

Question: do you open 24-hour printing in UAE?

Answer: Yes, we do open 24 hours and 7 days week in UAE if any urgent works

Question: what is the length of your lanyard?

Answer: Custom lanyards comes with 90 c, 95 cm and 100 cm also any other sizes we can do it

Question: Do you do edge to edge printing lanyard?

Answer: Yes, we specialized for edge-to-edge printing lanyards in UAE.

Question: How to start my lanyard printing in Dubai?

Answer: call our sales team and send your logo need to be printed on lanyards our team manage rest

Question: do you wide range of lanyard material collections?

Answer: Yes, we manufacture and print wide range of lanyards like, satin, polyester, woven, poly, nylon etc…

Question: do you offer eco-friendly lanyard printing in UAE?

Answer: Yes, we offer all types eco-friendly lanyards printing in UAE

Question: what is the lanyard used for in UAE?

Answer: lanyard basically used for school, office, company staff, exhibition, event, trade shows, collage, hospital, university etc…

Question: Why they call it a lanyard?

Answer: The word of lanyard actually comes from the French word of “laniere” which means strap or cord, at the same time as, we're used to seeing some pretty fancy word as lanyard in UAE.

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